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Fair Play



What We Do

The youth baseball league:

  • provides children with a positive baseball experience, skill development and fun within a recreational but competitive framework
  • imparts, teaches and nourishes the values of sportsmanship, friendship and the spirit of cooperation that embodies our parish community. 

While the league's primary goal is to provide children in the parish and students of St. Bonaventure Catholic School with access to the sport of baseball, children outside the school and parish are welcome. Registration Opens February 10, 2020.

The league is run entirely by volunteers and operates on a break even basis. All monies go to offset costs of uniforms, field maintenance, equipment and umpire fees. Every effort is made to keep registration fees low to avoid excluding children who may not have the means to afford to play.

Volunteers are always welcome. To become part of our 55 year legacy, contact Take a look at all the fun we have during baseball season.

2020 Events

Registration Starts

February 10

Evaluation Day


First Game Week April 20
Playoff Week

June 15

Finals Day June 20


Baseball season runs from mid April to the end of June. Registration fees are $60 per child. Because of the limited number of spots per team and the short playing season children must be available to play on game nights and for weekend practices. We play at St. Bonaventure Church and school diamonds.

T- Ball - JK to Grade 2

T- Ball is an introductory sport that allows children to learn the basics of the game and to develop baseball skills. A soft baseball, known as a Safe-T-Ball, is placed on top of an adjustable tee, and children hit the ball off the tee. Children learn how to run the bases, field a ball and return it to home plate. Games are competitive but the main focus is on teaching the game and giving children an opportunity to play. The league does not accept players under the age of 4.

Game night: Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings/school baseball diamond

Practice: once a week on Saturday or Sunday

Make-up games: Friday evenings

Rookie Ball - Grade 3 to 5

Rookie ball is a form of baseball in which the coach pitches underhand to their own team. Rookie ball introduces the batter to a pitched ball in a controlled and safe environment; a great stepping stone between T- Ball and Softball.  

Game night: Tuesday or Thursday /Church baseball diamond

Practice: once a week on Saturday or Sunday

Make-up games: Friday evenings

Softball - Grade 6 to 8

Softball is the most competitive division as it involves the opposing team pitching the ball to the hitting team. The league uses a regulation softball which is larger than a baseball and not as hard.  Pitching is underhand and “windmill” pitching is not allowed.

Game night: Monday or Wednesday night/church baseball diamond.

Practice: once a week on Saturday or Sunday

Make-up games: Friday evenings

Evaluation  Day

On Evaluation Day the league assess rookie and softball players before forming teams. Players are evaluated on hitting, fielding, speed and agility

and game sense. Convenors and coaches are then able to form teams with players of all skill levels which results in well-balanced teams and fairly played games, which is a league priority. Evaluations take two hours. Our goal is to minimize player movement once the season has begun.  However, the league reminds parents that during the first few weeks of the season the league may move players to balance the teams.

Finals Day

Finals Day builds spirit and brings our families closer together through games and entertainment. In addition to the T- ball, Rookie Ball and Softball championship games, it's a celebration of our children, friends and parish. All are welcome; there's food, entertainment, games and activities for children. The T- Ball division also has consolation game for the two runner-up teams.


 Thanks to all of our sponsors for their generous support which makes the operation of the league possible. Our sponsors are an important part of our baseball community. To sponsor a team or for more information contact: Isabel Starck at