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Serving our Neighbours in Need
Help honours, when to the bread that nourishes, it adds the visit that consoles, the advice that enlightens, the friendly shake of the hand that lifts up sinking courage; when it treats the poor man with respect, not only as an equal but as a superior, since he is suffering that which we would perhaps not be able to bear ourselves; since he is among us as the messenger of God, sent to put our justice and charity to the test, and to save us by our works .

Frederic  Ozanam, 1848

Within the boundaries of St. Bonaventure Parish there are people who are:

  • hurting and suffering
  • lacking beds to sleep in
  • unable to provide basic necessities for their families
  • living alone with few resources
  • feeling discouraged and helpless.

St. Bonaventure Conference provides many opportunities for your involvement. New members - Vincentians - are always welcome.

Home Visitations

Those requesting financial or other types of assistance can call the Ministry Centre. Staff will take the caller's name and phone number and contact a member of the society to advise them of the request. As soon as possible, a pair of Vincentians will visit the person in their home, often to bring emergency help in the form of food or clothing vouchers or to arrange for delivery of a bed, and always to bring hope and respect.

Bundle Weekends
You can help others by donating to our organized clothing drive which takes place twice a year.

Accepting Donations after Mass

Most of the funds used to help those in need come from parishioners who drop a loonie or toonie in the poor boxes after masses. Some Vincentians serve by holding the poor boxes after mass on the weekends. Tax receipts are provided to donors who make a donation of $10 or more using the special envelopes provided by the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Special Skills

Members may choose to offer their skills and knowledge in areas such as finance, nursing, social work, immigration, etc., to aid in the effectiveness of the Conference.

Leadership Roles

There are opportunities for leadership roles at the Conference, Particular Council or Board level.