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Understanding the New Missal

Starting the first Sunday in Advent, November 27, we will use the new translation of the Roman Missal.


What is The Roman Missal?
The Missal is the collection of prayers, chants, and instructions we use to celebrate Mass. This includes prayers such as the Sign of the Cross and opening greeting; Opening Prayers; Gloria; Creed;

Eucharistic Prayers; Holy, Holy, Holy; Memorial Acclamations; and the final blessing. The majority of the prayers we recite or sing at Mass are in this book and it is these prayers that have been retranslated from the original Latin into English.


Why has the text been revised?
The first English translation of The Roman Missal— originally printed in Latin —was completed in 1969. It aimed for a "spirit" of the texts rather than an exact literal translation. A second revision occurred in 1975. In 2001, the liturgical commission in Rome called for a more literal translation. Since that time a group of scholars, poets, and theologians have been working on providing a third English translation.

What will change?
You will notice slight changes in the prayers we hear and say at Mass. While the words we say at Mass will change, the flow of the Mass is not changing. Being faithful to the original Latin prayers will enhance the meaning of the texts. They will be more poetic, and there will be a more obvious connection to the scriptural roots of our prayers.

These changes provide an opportunity to reflect on the celebration of the Eucharist and how it relates to our own life.