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Home to the community of St. Bonaventure Parish,
the Franciscan Friars and a Secular Franciscan fraternity of lay women and men

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         1300 Leslie St., Toronto, ON., M3C 2K9; Tel.416-447-5571;Fax:416-447-4082




                            GROWING IN SPIRIT, COMMUNITY AND SERVICE

        Inspired by St. Francis we seek to live and proclaim the gospel in our daily lives,responding to

                 the spiritual hungers of the community and becoming an oasis of peace, prayer and service.




                                                                                    August 19, 2018

                                                              The Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time


                                                                          Becoming Food

     The Eucharist is a sacrament of unity, primarily the unity of Christ with the Christian: “The one who feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in him; by this sacrament you make us one with Christ.” This unity reflects the unity of the Son with the Father in the Trinity.


     The reading from Ephesians encourages the Church to reflect in its life the unity of the Trinity: Christians are to walk in the Spirit and give thanks to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ.


     The opening prayer speaks of a larger unity, the unity of the whole human race: “May the walls, which prejudice raises between us, crumble.” Prejudice and discrimination destroy the unity that the Trinity and the Eucharist symbolize for us and challenge us to achieve.

                              Pope John Paul II, Sollicitudo Rei Socialis,1987:14

                  Now in book form, To Love and Serve, By Gerald Darring


Today’s readings invite us to consider the parallel paradoxes and promises of our faith; wisdom and foolishness, eating and being satisfied, boasting and humility, fear and courage, dying and living forever, eating Jesus’ flesh and blood for salvation. And I pray that we all have the eyes to see these moments of invitation and accept them.

                                                            Maureen Wicken, Vancouver, BC




                                                 Ministry with Maturing Adults

                                                                                      Summer Film and Book Club

                                                      Tuesday, August 21st, 9:30 am – 12:00 noon, Francis Room

 Mary of Magdala, Apostle to the Apostles, is truly an inspiration and wisdom figure for the faith community today. There is a growing worldwide interest in and devotion to Mary of Magdala. July 22nd is her feast day. Come and join our exploration through video, presentation and discussion of the significance of Mary Magdalene. All are Welcome!

We share books; watch films and videos; take pleasure in discussions while sipping coffee & tea and munching on treats. The final meeting of the summer!

Contact Maureen McDonnell at 416-447-5571 ext. 550 or


Ministry with Maturing Adults – Life Stories Program

A small-group Life Stories program will be offered in the Bonaventure Room for 8 consecutive Wednesday afternoons from Sept. 26 until Nov. 14, 2018. Time: 12:45 – 2:45 pm. Participants write and share stories about their lives. See brochures at the back of the church for more details. Cost: $25. Preregistration required. To register, call Gisela Cote at 416-447-5571 Ext. 560

And now, a word from our Pastor

My first two weeks here have been wonderful. Worshipping, meeting, and learning. Thank you. Much of the time has been spent with staff members listening and asking questions. Those conversations deepened my appreciation and admiration for our community of faith. This past week we gathered for a staff meeting where we continued to build bonds to ensure that we continue to offer the best possible ministry to you, God’s People. To borrow the words of Jacob in the Book of Genesis: “Surely God is here, in this place” – the parish of St. Bonaventure.

Peace and Prayer

   Fr. Dennis

          Sacramental Preparation 2018-2019 at St. Bonaventure Parish


The following information meetings are for parishioners of St. Bonaventure church.


Preparation for First Reconciliation and

First Holy Communion

   Roman Catholic children may begin to be prepared to celebrate their First Reconciliation (Confession) and First Communion around the age of 7. If you are the parent of a 7-year-old child (in grade 2), or older, who is baptised Roman Catholic, then it is important for you to attend one of the following parent information meetings in the Main Hall of the Parish Centre to learn about the preparation process, registration, and celebration of these Sacraments:

•Sunday, September 23rd from 1:15 to 2:45 pm, or

•Tuesday, September 25th from 7:00 to 8:30 pm


Preparation for Confirmation

   In September 2015, the age when youth may begin to prepare for and celebrate Confirmation was lowered to age 12 in the Archdiocese of Toronto. If your child is baptised Roman Catholic and 12 years old (grade 7) or older, then it is important for you and your son or daughter to attend one of the following parent-youth Confirmation information sessions held in the Main Hall of the Parish Centre to learn about the preparation process, registration, and celebration of Confirmation:

•Sunday, October 14th from 1:15 to 2:30 pm, or

•Tuesday, October 16th from 7:00 to 8:30 pm


Unauthorized Handouts and Posting in the Parish

We recently had unauthorized distributions of pamphlets and advertisements in the parking lot and unauthorized posting in the Church bulletin board. Parish sanctioned events, materials and information are not promoted this way. Persons, businesses, and organizations wishing to advertise to our parishioners must speak to Fr. Peter or Connie Durante in order to receive permission to do so. Thank you for your cooperation!


Requests for Baptism Records

To request a copy of your child’s baptism record, contact the Ministry Centre by phone or email Provide your child’s full name, date of birth and approximate date of Baptism. You will also need to provide photo identification such as a copy of your driver’s license or passport.

Requests need to be made 5 days in advance of the time that the record is needed. In keeping with

the policies of the Archdiocese of Toronto, we follow civil legislation pertaining

to privacy and access to information.

Stewardship: A Way of Living

August 12th Offertory Collections

Thank you for your generous donations.

Regular Collection:………………………….  $ 6,359.50                                            

Canadian Shared Missions Collection..  $ 2,801.80                                       

Pre-Authorized Giving:…………………….. $ 2,926.00   

Donate Now:…………………………………….  $ 328.00


Second Collection:

September 9 ~ Maintenance Fund Offering

September 30 ~ Needs of the Canadian Church



 Please remember to update the Ministry Centre with any contact information and address changes

Update on Scam alert: Priest request for gift card

We have been advised by multiple parishes that scammers have created Gmail accounts in various pastors’ names and are continuing to email people asking for iTunes gift cards for a sick friend in the hospital. The people being targeted are parish staff or parishioners who are in key volunteer positions at a parish where there is a publicly known email address. Please be advised not to respond should you receive this email.


Gifts of Securities

Do you have securities that have gone up in value? You can now make your parish offertory and special collections gifts using securities (stocks, mutual funds, bonds). You will not have to pay any capital gains on securities gift and you will get a tax receipt for the full amount. For more information contact the Development Office of the Archdiocese of Toronto at 416-934-3411 or email:


The Franciscan Church of St. Bonaventure         
Report to our Parish community on the Financial Results for 2017      
                     YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31
2017     2016
For the year, Parish support through weekly collections,
Easter & Christmas offerings amounted to:  $       662,733  $       687,630
Out of these receipts, we must meet the operating 
expenses for the Church, which were:
 Salaries and benefits ( Note 2 )             412,905           454,493
 Parish Operations ( Note 3 )           139,845             157,902
 Maintenance & Utilities ( Note 4)           107,981           119,394
 Archdiocesan Assessment  ( Note 5 )           105,697           110,491
Total Operating Expenses  $       766,428  $       842,280
 Since our regular collections and contributions were less than         
expenses,  we experienced an Operating Loss of:    $     (103,695)      $     (154,650)
 During the year we received  income from various other sources:
 - Contributions received for Ministry Programmes.  (The Church  
    portion of the Family of Faith Campaign) 78,833 78,288
 - Bulletin advertising, support from The Franciscan Friars and 
    offerings for weddings, baptisms and funerals, interest earned.              39,652             55,183
Total Other Income 118,485 133,471
Net Income (Loss)           $         14,790      $       (21,179)
Maintenance Fund - Collections and Expenses 2017 2016
Opening Balance, 01 January  $       434,857  $       399,322
Collections, contributions and interest earned              57,784             49,551
          492,641           448,873
Expenditures                      -              (14,016)
Closing Balance, 31 December  $       492,641  $       434,857
In 2017 there were no payments from the Maintenance Fund
In 2016, we purchased defibrillators and a new computer server
Balance Sheet as at December 31     2017     2016
Current Assets
 Cash in banks - operating funds  $         98,774  $         93,284
 Accounts receivable, prepaid expenses           226,700           156,474
 Total Current Assets           325,474           249,758
 Reserve Funds (Note 6)           492,641           434,857
Total Assets  $       818,115  $       684,615
Liabilities & Equity
Archdiocesan Assessment Due  $       105,481  $         54,591
Accounts payable           166,966           156,930
Total Liabilities           272,447           211,521
Equity-Excess of Assets over Liabilities           545,668           473,094
Total Assets & Liabilities        $       818,115      $       684,615
The Franciscan Church of St. Bonaventure -Financial Report - 2017      
Notes to Financial Report              
Note 1. Your Church supported the following  Archdiocesan Campaigns       
                2017 2016
Share Life   $     116,051  $       105,475
Holy Land              5,915                6,342
Papal Charities              2,402                3,010
Marygrove Camp              3,368                3,845
Catholic Missions in Canada & Scarborough Foreign Missions              3,287                3,563
Needs of the Canadian Church               2,556                3,200
Mission Co-op              3,489                5,549
World Mission Sunday              2,909                3,206
Shepherd's Trust               6,621                6,141
Humanitarian Relief              1,597                8,751
Total Archdiocesan Collections   $     148,195  $       149,082
In addition ,     St. Clare Inn  $          7,510  $           9,970
  Refugee Project  $                  -  $               974
The Archdiocesan Family of Faith  Campaign was very succesful, raising $1,247,480 in
donations and pledges , 130% of the goal of $960,000. The Parish recieves 25% of the     
pledge payments received by the campaign office during the year & these were:   $     295,368  $       380,197
Note 2. Salaries & Benefits
Salaries & benefits include:
* Salaries for the pastor, associate pastor,  and other pastoral help throughout the year.
* Parish staff includes 3 full-time employees: parish manager, lay pastoral associate and custodian;
   part-time custodian, cook, housekeeper, youth animator and clerical help as required throughout the year.
Note 3. Parish Operations
 These expenses include:
 * Liturgical:   Wine, hosts, candles, music, flowers, vestments, prayer books.
 * Pastoral Ministry: Youth ministry, adult education, retreats, hospital chaplaincy,
help to the needy. 
 * Administration: Office expenses, postage, photocopier costs, weekly envelopes,
stationery, supplies.
Note 4. Maintenance and Utilities
These expenses include:
 * Heat, power and water
 * Landscaping, snow and garbage removal, taxes, insurance
 * Repairs and maintenance
Note 5. Archdiocesan Assessment
 The Archdiocese of Toronto levies a 15% assessment on all parish collections, (excluding  
 maintenance funds, gifts and bequests) to be used to help support poorer parishes as   
 well as helping to build other parishes and support Diocesan services.
Note 6. Reserve Funds consist of: 2017 2016
 Maintenance & Improvement collections held for future use.   $     492,641  $       434,857


Those who have not pick up their Sunday Offertory Envelopes they are moved to the Ministry Centre. Please contact the Ministry Centre with any address changes at 416-447-5571.



            Family of Faith Campaign Update

Totals are as of August 31, 2017

Campaign Goal                     $   960,000

Total Pledged                      $1,293,430

Total Collected                    $  629,783

Parish Share of Collected       $  151,921

Funds Available                    $   45,419

Please remember to contribute toward your pledge, which you made to Family of Faith campaign. Your continued payments of your commitment to our campaign will enable us to continue funding ministry that will help in many practical ways to welcome and to serve those who come to our church to encounter Christ. Faith Formation, Ministry for Maturing Adults and Youth Ministry are the three areas of focus for our campaign funds. Your generosity is much appreciated!


Donate Now Please consider making a donation to the parish. We appreciate your support!       

Weekday Liturgy

Monday to Friday, 9 am
Public Holidays: 9 am
Reconciliation: Saturday,

4 pm

Sunday Liturgy
Saturday Vigil: 5 pm
Sunday: 8:30 am, 10 am,

12 noon

Ministry Centre


Office Hours
Monday to Thursday
9:00 am – 4:30 pm

closed 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Saturday 2:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Sunday 9:30 am – 1:30 pm

Parish Priest:
Fr. Peter Knaapen, OFM Conv.


Fr. Tom Reist, OFM Conv.

Parish Manager:

Connie Durante

Lay Pastoral Associate:

Gregory Beath

Minister with Maturing Adults:

Maureen McDonnell

Pastoral Assistant:

Nimfa Chua

Rev. Mr. Sal Badali

In case of a life and death situation, after office hours, click for contact information


St. Clare Inn Office

1320 Leslie Street,Ste.200

Toronto ON M3C 2K9


Franciscan Ministries

1320 Leslie Street, Ste. 200

Toronto ON M3C 2K9


St. Anthony of Padua

Mission Aid

1320 Leslie Street, Suite 100

Toronto ON M3C 2K9







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