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The Franciscan Church of St. Bonaventure

1300 Leslie Street, Toronto, ON., M3C 2K9

Telephone: 416-447-5571    Fax: 416-447-4082





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Mass Times
Monday 9 AM
Tuesday 9 AM
Wednesday 9 AM
Thursday 9 AM
Friday 9 AM
Saturday 5 PM
Sunday 8 AM
  10 AM
  12 PM

Please Pray!

In our charity we remember those who are ill and all who have requested a remembrance in our prayers. We commend to the Lord the members of our parish who died recently:

+ Ann Hartford; + Geoffrey Rochard; + Catherine Hogg; + Evangeline Beltran; +Leslie Rolko;

+ David Roche Sullivan; + Maria Evidente; + Arthur Beamon; + Frank Horgan Jr ;

+ Marilyn Murphy; + Phia Hibbeln; + Myrna Haverty; + Douglas Peters; + Gordon Owens;

+ Paul O'Connor, + Terrance Wolff, + Frances MacDonald,

+ Elisabeth (Lili) Draws + Frank Polansky + Ralph Stukator

+ Nimfa Chua

May heaven be theirs and may peace be to those who mourn their passing.

Office Hours
Monday 10 - 4
Wednesday 10 - 4
Friday 10 - 4

Or by Appointment by calling


St. Anthony of Padua Feast Day - June 13th

To view the Mass form St. Anthony of Padua Basilica click the link below.



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St. Clare Inn Office

1320 Leslie Street

Suite 200

Toronto, ON M3C 2K9




St. Anthony of Padua Mission Aid

1320 Leslie Street

Suite 100

Toronto, ON M3C 2K9




Daily Mass: Monday to Friday at 9:00 AM

Saturday: 5:00 PM

Sunday: 8:00 AM,10:00 AM and 12:00 Noon

While masks are no longer mandated,

we encourage you to wear a mask inside the church.



“…you have been anointed with oil, and by this anointing you have entered into fellowship with Christ and have received a share in his life. Beware of thinking of the chrism as merely ordinary oil. As the eucharistic bread after the invocation of the Holy Spirit is no longer ordinary bread but the body of Christ, so also the oil after the invocation is no longer plain ordinary oil but Christ’s gift by which the presence of his divinity becomes the instrument through which you receive the Holy Spirit.” St. Cyril of Jerusalem, 4th Century, from A Word in Season, 1981.


We rejoice with our parishioners, who are anointed with the seven-fold Gift of the Holy Spirit through the Sacrament of Confirmation this Sunday:

Amanda, Ariana, Bianca, Caleigh, Eric, Fiora, Hailey, Jaylen, Jennel, Juliette,

Liam, Madeleine, Madelyn, Mia, Michaela, Rebecca, and Tulin.

We also honour Ava Marie and Hannah, who were confirmed at Baptism: may they continue to experience the fullness of life in the Holy Spirit.


Parish Campaign

You can support our parish’s ShareLife campaign by giving online at:


The Toronto Diocesan Council of the Catholic Women's League of Canada is offering a scholarship to St. Michael's College. This scholarship is open to any young woman who is of Catholic faith, who is completing her secondary school education, and who has indicated on her application to the University of Toronto that St. Michael's College is her first choice. The applicant must be entering the Faculty of Arts and Science in one of the following areas of study: Commerce, Computer Science, Humanities and Social Sciences or Sciences. The applications must be submitted by June 30, 2022.

For further information, please contact the Education and Health Convener for our parish:

Teresa Samson, 416-200-5733 or


Prayer for the Ukraine

prepared by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

God of peace and justice,

We pray for the people of Ukraine today.

We pray for peace and the laying down of weapons.

We pray for all those who fear for tomorrow,

that your Spirit of comfort would draw near to them.

We pray for those with power over war or peace,

for wisdom, discernment and compassion to guide their decisions.

Above all, we pray for all your precious children, at-risk and in fear,

that you would hold and protect them.

We pray in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace.


The Archdiocese of Toronto has launched a relief appeal to support the Ukrainian people, who are suffering from widespread violence and a looming humanitarian crisis. Your gift will fund relief projects through the Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA) and refugee resettlement efforts through the Office for Refugees, Archdiocese of Toronto (ORAT).


A Prayer for the Synod

Lord Jesus Christ, Shed the light of Your Holy Spirit among us. We seek to do the will of Our Father. Jesus, grant us the grace to listen for Your voice as we listen to one another.

Guide us as we walk the road of the Gospel together.

We ask these graces of You, Jesus, Who live with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.


To learn more about the Synod on Synodality and to share your thoughts. Your participation is incredibly important for the success of the Synod on Synodality, so we kindly ask you to complete the survey in the link below. Thank you and God bless.


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

When we give to the poor, God indeed pours his love, peace and joy into our hearts, into our lives and into the hearts of those who are poor.

A Member of Parliament recently remarked, “Inflation is theft of the poor.”  In other words, inflation hurts the least affluent among us the most:  for instance, those on low fixed incomes and those whose employment is casual and part time.  As we all cope with the inconvenience and even hardship of the rising cost of just about everything, please remember the less fortunate who struggle to pay their rent and utilities, as well as buy nutritious food for themselves and their families.

Thank you to our loyal benefactors who have continued their donations throughout the pandemic; to those parishioners who contributed clothing and footwear during our recent Bundle Weekend; and to all who remember our Poor Boxes.  Every donation allows Vincentians to assist our neighbours in need with grocery gift cards.

Our confidential helpline is: 416-447-5571 ext. 570 for those who need assistance. Thank you!
Online donations can be made securely through the following link:

Or by cheque made payable to Society of St. Vincent de Paul and mail to:

Society of St. Vincent de Paul
c/o St. Bonaventure Church
1300 Leslie St.
Toronto, ON  M3C 2K


© The Franciscan Church of St. Bonaventure

1300 Leslie Street

Toronto, Ontario


M3C 2K9

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